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    St Lucy Chaplet (Layton, Utah), pastored by Rev Tammy Wood, is working with our new mission parrish, Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend (Lee, FL), to spread love as prayer warriors for Christ's Word.


    LSCC has joined the Independent Inclusive Consortium (Austin, TX) of ISM educational institutions.



    Blessings continue. LSCC Launches its mission parish in Big Bend, FL - Suwannee Missions!


    Subdeacon Dan Sharkey was ordained; Reverend Nancy Leonard was incardinated; and Reverend Tammy Wood was affiliated with Living Spirit Catholic Community on the 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 2024.


    Bishop Mary will be intereviewed by Kelly Jennings Wurth, Mad Catholic Unbox Your Faith, in May 2024. It will be broadcast via YouTube, Podbean, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify. Kelly is affiliated with Catholic Church in Exile (formerly AAOCC).


    Living Spirit Community entered into an Intercommunion Association Agreement with the Apostolic American Old Catholic Church (Catholic Church In Exile) on the 23rd day of February in the year of our Lord 2024. God is great!


    Our community has been blessed by the recent addition of Reverend Nancy Leonard, as affiliated clergy, Priest in His Holy Church.


    LSCC is pleased to announce that, starting on January 14, 2024, our in-person and virtual services will include once monthly worship (at 12 noon) the Walton Community Center, 11090 Ridge Avenue, Ft Pierce, FL 34982.


    We are launching an educational program, which includes a speakers series, online courses, and more. Our affidavit was accepted by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, as part of its annual review, for 2023 - 24.


    Welcome to our new bishop! Bishop Fidel Iglesias has been consecrated. Thanks be to God for blessing Living Spirit Catholic Community (LSCC).


    Reverend Tammy J. Wood has joined us as (Volunteer) Clergy-in-Residence. The blessings continue for LSCC. God is great!


    Ms. B Shaw ("Ms B") joins LSCC as Lector, and Debbie Iglesias is now a Eucharistic Minister, and is embarking on her formation journey with us. Truly, we are blessed!


    Shanna-Kay Turner joins us as Lector and Eucharistic Minister. God is great!

    Our Summer Convocation will be hosted by our mission parish, Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend,...
    LSCC Begins Monthly Worship at the Waldon Community Center, 11090 Ridge Avenue, Fort Pierce, Fl,...
    We are pleased to announce our Autumn (Thanksgiving) Convocation @ Unity House, Madison, FL Our...
  • What We Do


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    Eucharistic Celebration

    Saturdays at 4PM (St Lucie Co)


    Sundays at 12 PM in person, 2nd sunday (St Lucie Co); 7pm. in person and virtual on other sundays (Madison Co); and rotating times for 2nd Sunday Mass (St Lucie Co)

    All are welcome.


    Live-streamed, and in person, monthly, on Facebook and at the Walton Community Center, FTP, FL. Follow facebook for dates and special liturgies.


    For more information - frfidelsuwanneemissions@mail.com or maryunger77@gmail.com



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    Lectio Divina / Bible Study

    Wednesdays at 5 PM and 8:00 PM, EST Open to All Members who respond to the invitation. Also via FB Live.

    A weekly discussion of several verses from the coming-up Sunday's Scriptures and related Bible passages.


    click on image to the right for information on lectio divina / Bible study.


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    Prayer Circle

    For active members of L.S.C.C. Others by invitation.

    A way to have the congregation pray for your special intentions.




    click on image to the left for our prayer circle

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    Shanna-Kay Turner is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister for LSCC. She has a love for Christ that illuminates her in all walks of life. She loves her family and pets. And her legal work, as a public servant, helps many in her community and state.




    Our Mission Statement


    Living Spirit Catholic Community is an Independent Catholic Community that aims to share the love of God through the traditional liturgies such as the Mass, preaching the scriptures and community outreach, all the while practicing the seven recognized sacraments also practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. We fully accept all people, gender or sexual orientations. We respectfully honor the faith traditions that lead people to God. We focus on helping members of our community to recognize the Godly and inherent worth of themselves, and how that divinity, working in them, can be used to confront and overpower the evil that pervades secular society.


    We currently have 4 clergy in varying roles to help meet our current needs.


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    Who We Are


    Lector B Shaw ("Ms B"): Truly His faithful servant, Ms B loves people, traveling, sharing the love of God with all. We are blessed to have her with us.


    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel

    Bishop Mary Unger: An active Roman Catholic for over 50 years but a string of events within a year of her husband’s death including vocation calls, a new church community (started strictly because of a later worship time) and retired nurse work status paved the way for God’s 37 yr wait plan to unfold. Her words, "All I had to do was say, 'yes.'" In-person credentialed educators, multiple support persons and an online seminary course all presented themselves and contributed to the 3 year full-time seminary process leading her to become the first woman priest in the Old Catholic jurisdiction in FL in January 2016. Only God could have put such an amazing program together!


    Joining a new church group community 5 years after becoming a priest, she helped develop and now co-leads Living Spirit Catholic Community as their Presiding Bishop, being consecrated in 2021. She feels truly blessed to share God’s love in this way. Her previous nursing background, coupled with the desire to include those who’ve felt estranged from God, includes those too medically infirm to go to a church for mass or sacraments. God loves us all, wherever we may be, and our community helps provide that conduit option. She loves saying mass in private homes or in small assisted living facilities.





    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel

    Bishop Fidel Iglesias: Fr Fidel was ordained deacon, then priest, in 2016. He was elevated to the Episcopacy on 12/10/22. He has been affiliated with St Julian of Norwich Old Catholic Church, Inner Spirit Independent Catholic Community, Ascension By the Sea (Ascension Alliance), and has now settled down with his forever home, Living Spirit Catholic Community (LSCC). He is presently the Auxiliary Bishop of LSCC as well as its pastor. He also works as its provisional chaplain. He also performs various secular functions for LSCC, including as President. He is also Bishop and President of LSCC's mission parish, Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend, Inc., which is its non-profit, 501(c)(3) affiliate. Fr Fidel hopes to enthuse others with His everlasting, and infinite, grace, mercy, and salvation. In Iglesias' spare time, he teaches, cares for his family, including several loving animals, and tries to effectuate justice through secular law.

    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel

    Bishop Emeritus Joel O'Rourke (In Memoriam)


    I was ordained a servant priest in July 2012. I began my ministry that summer serving the retirement and assisted living communities in the West Palm Beach area.


    During the course of my ministry, I was blessed to meet other priests and bishops who were in the independent catholic movement, and was fortunate to be granted faculties by them.


    After several years, I was consecrated a bishop by the same man who ordained me, +Ken Maley. I continued with my ordinary ministries and was fortunate to travel to South America as a tourist, where I could see firsthand the living conditions among the peoples of Colombia and Ecuador. After returning to the States, I was moved to found a Community (not a "church") which I named Living Spirit Catholic Community. This was done in conjunction with +Mary Unger and +Fidel Iglesias. This little community is now in their capable hands, and I assist as Bishop Emeritus whenever I am able.


    Most Rev. Joel O'Rourke joined the Lord on the 8th day of January in the year of our Lord 2024.

    Bishop Mary, Bishop Fidel, Bishop Joel, Comptroller Debbie, Rev. Tammy

    Comptroller Deb Iglesias: Debbie ("DJ") is LSCC's Comptroller, and also has been blessed into the minor orders of Lector and Eucharistic Minister. She enjoys her family, animals, little farm ("Just 'enuf"), and the evening sunset at her spread. She has been blessed by God in so many ways. She is also the Vice President of Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend, Inc.

    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel

    Affiliated Clergy

    Rev. Tammy Wood: Rev. Tammy J. Wood currently resides in Layton, Utah. She was ordained as Priest in April 2016. Her ministries have taken several forms, in ecclesiastical and secular settings, most notably serving on the Utah Governor's Advisory Commission on Disabilities. Reverend Wood has a special ministry providing care and corporal relief to those who are homebound or at the end-of-life in hospice care. She is an avid softball fan, home chef, and loves to be outdoors with family and friends.

    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel




    We provide Mass and the Sacraments of The Eucharist, Baptism, Reconciliation, Matrimony and Anointing of the sick, Confirmation and Holy Orders in various locations to help meet the needs of those requesting them.




    Most Rev. Mary Unger - Presiding Bishop of LSCC


    Homebound ministries: in private homes and facilities for group prayer services, Mass, requested Sacraments and individual spiritual visits

    Counseling: limited marital counseling; limited grief counseling; spiritual counseling

    Blessings: blessings of people, animals, homes and vehicles; renewals of vows; spiritual formation of children and adults; funeral services and committal services


    Most Rev. Joel O'Rourke - Bishop Emeritus of LSCC (In Memoriam)


    +Joel, when he blessed us with his example, guidance, and wisdom, was active in

    counseling, hospice ministry, and weddings, and funerals.


    Most Reverend Fidel Iglesias - Auxiliary Bishop and Pastor of LSCC


    Providing educational needs for those incarcerated

    Advocating for children with legal and other needs

    Providing pro bono or low cost legal services to the disenfranchised

    Supporting various Christian and secular charities


    Reverend Tammy J. Wood (Affiliated clergy)


    Advocating for those with disabilities, and at the end of life, and praying for all of us and Creation in His Holy Name.

    Incardinated Clergy

    Reverend Nancy Leonard


    Bringing the Holy Spirit to the faithful, and to those seeking His grace, in the community, church, nursing homes, and wherever her healing gifts are needed.



    Subdeacon Dan Sharkey

    Dan's role will be assisting as a minister of the word and of the altar at our liturgies; praying for and visiting the homebound with Eucharist and prayerful anointings as outlined by his bishops; and continuing to be the example of faithful courage to all of us that he continues to be in his everyday life.


    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel


    We provide Mass and the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Baptism, Reconciliation, Matrimony and Anointing of the sick, Confirmation and Holy Orders in various locations to help meet the needs of those requesting them.


    Fr. Paul H. Hall Memorial Chapel, Lee, FL


    Blessed Mother Chapel, Port St Lucie, FL


    St Lucy Chaplet, Layton, Utah


    Walton Community Center, Fort Pierce, FL


    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel

    Virtual Worship

    We pray and worship, weekly, via our Facebook group, page, and live events, Zoom meetings, and X (formerly known as Twitter).









    Deacon Robert, Lector Kevin, Bishop Mary, Pastor Fidel


    (Incardinated) Priests and Deacons


    Reverend Nancy was born and raised in northeastern Ohio. She grew up on a farm. Her family members were very devoted Catholics. She attended 12 years of catechism. She received her Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation there. She was very active in the Catholic Youth Organization for 4 years.
    After graduation she moved to Miami Beach to attend Mount Sinai School of Practical Nursing. After graduation in 1970, she moved to Alexandria Virginia. She lived with her sister Barbara, there, for 2 years. She decided to continue her nursing education and, with the help of her brother, she moved back to Hollywood, Florida.
    In 1976 she graduated from Nursing School we with a Associate Degree in Nursing. Rev Nancy is always searching for new directions in her career. She loves the healing arts. She went back to school to learn more about nutrition. She was one of the first registered nurses in the state of Florida to have a private practice, Patient Teaching Associates. She worked with other local nutritionists to contribute to the new expertise of Clinical Nutrition. She has traveled teaching and developing her craft. She is internationally known as a Clinical Nutritionist.
    She has had a Private Practice on the Treasure Coast for over 30 years. And she has owned a Child Day Care center as well as a Home Health Care Agency here.
    God's plans for us are so beautifully wonderful. On May 14, 2022, she was ordained a priest in the Old Catholic Church tradition. In May of 2023, she was appointed Pastor of St Julian of Norwich Old Catholic Church, Fort Pierce, Florida.
    God does not waste anytime.
    There's a lot of work to be done in the Body of Christ.

    With much prayer and reflection she has found a new home. A home where her gifts and talents can be used to bring together and edify the Body of Christ. We are One Family in the Body of Christ.

    Rev Nancy is single, has 2 cats. and lives in Jensen Beach, Florida.



    SubDeacon Dan Sharkey was ordained on April 14, 2024 in Fort Pierce, Florida. This ordination followed his road of service to the Lord over many years in varying minor order roles of Doorkeeper, Acolyte, Lector and also as a commissioned Eucharistic Minister. We are grateful that he has answered his vocation call to provide an even greater capacity of service to the needs of our Living Spirit Catholic Community. Dan is widowed and lives in Port St Lucie, FL, with his dog, Daisy.



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  • Legal

    LSCC is a 501(c)(3). It is incorporated in Florida as a non-profit. It is registered in Florida for charitable donations.


    LSCC retains its copyright, intellectual property, proprietary, and other legal rights in the content published on this website. Permission is required to distribute same.


    LSCC is not affiliated with any email service, social media platform, music, or website. Their views are not necessarily those of LSCC, its clergy, or volunteers.


    LSCC is a movement church with the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO). We are not formally associated with this worthy cause. But we encourage you to find out more about their Christian outreach to children at https://cafo.org/


    LSCC has completed its annual review with, and received a Section 1005.06(1)(f) letter from, the Commission of Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, as per state law.


    LSCC Privacy Policy -




    Ethics Rules for Living Spirit Catholic Community’s Clergy and Laity 

    Beneficence: We will have concern and respect for all peoples, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, faith understandings, political
    affiliations, physical limits or financial status.

    Nonmaleficence: We will refrain from harming another in our words or actions.

    Confidentiality: We will respect a person’s right not to share their name if the fear of that divulgement concerns them.

    Fairness: All desiring to come to the Table of The Lord for Eucharist will be welcomed without regard to recent confession/fasting/marriage or annulment status. We do not require any of those above roadblocks to God’s banquet. All are welcome.

    Respect: All who come to the Living Spirit Catholic Community to find a new church home will find an atmosphere of God’s love in action. We request that you honor our Mass here as you would in any church space. Clergy will come prepared to provide the mass, sermon, music, and Eucharist. We appreciate your punctuality and courtesy for others in your arrivals.

    All clergy have passed background checks and are required to abide by local, state, and national laws.

    Clergy are not paid in any fashion. All operating costs are covered by donations. Administrative costs are kept to minimum
    so that we can help others through our ministries. We rely on the good works, including tithes, of LSCC members and the public. All funds are strictly accounted for. Our records may be reviewed with reasonable notice.


    A copy of LSCC's Apostolic Succession, By Laws, and financials, are available upon request. By Laws updated periodically.


    Disclaimer - The postings in the Announcement section are current as of when posted.


    LSCC service / trademark has been registered with the State of FL.


    Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend, Inc, is a IRS 501(3)(c) non-profit affiliate of LSCC. It is incorporated in FL.

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