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    By Laws (What We Believe)





    Article 1: Name:

    As per the Articles of Incorporation filed March 30, 2020 and updated yearly 2021,
    2022, 2023, and 2024, with the State of Florida, Department of State, the
    official name of our organization is Living Spirit Catholic Community, INC.

    Article 2: Spiritual identity:

    We are an independent catholic community wherein people can come together with our
    ordained clergy for spiritual nourishment and guidance.


    We provide an environment conducive to ecumenical values sharing our love for God and
    supporting God’s love for the inherent goodness in each person.

    Article 3: Beliefs:

    Our belief system is based on recognizing and supporting God’s love for all His created
    beings. We support the beliefs stated in the ancient Apostles' creed as well as
    the scriptures, but note that we, like true Christian and other God-loving
    traditions, emphasize equality of males and females in all capacities. We believe our church community services should be tailored to illustrate these intentions, not confining ourselves to one specific liturgical expression.

    Article 4: Liturgy and Practice:

    We provide a supportive community networking with other independent church groups on an ad hoc basis; we perform personal and group masses and other requested services in churches, homes, outdoors, and other locations.

    We provide short term pastoral counseling, and the administration ofsacraments, in a loving Christian fellowship of God created equals. We utilize computer-assisted means and in-person visits and worship to best meet the needs of those seeking what we can provide.

    Article 5: Mission

    In addition to ourpastoral care listed in our liturgy and practice section, we also assist in the formation and education of vocationally-called persons toward ordination/consecration.


    We network with other churches and groups to extend programs and outreach ministries.

    We engage, individually and as a community, in various in-person and online ministries.

    Article 6: Governing body

    We are governed by a board consisting of the President, Vice President, and
    Secretary/Treasurer. All are equal Directors. Quorum is ⅔ members. Conflict of
    interest on any decision would require abstinence from voting.

    Our governing board doesnot exist in a hierarchical status. There are, of course, only responsibilities specific to being a bishop; Among them are decisions regarding suitability of candidates for ordination and designation of specific roles within the organization.

    Since all members of the board have different gifts, it is the desire of the board to
    distribute responsibilities based on those gifts.

    All board members will have equal input into decision making, includinga specific candidate’s appropriateness for a formation program.

    Since the board has come from different ordination training backgrounds,recommendations for further study for ordinands may be varied in their approach as well.

    Article 7: Incardination

    Persons receiving Holy Orders in another church can be considered forincardination if evidence shows that they were ordained with valid apostolic succession by their ordaining bishop. The person may also be subject to a background check, psychological evaluation, and other reasonable criteria
    established the board.


    Familiarity and sufficient comfort level with the spiritual practices of LSCC is strongly encouraged before one incardinates. (review of
    liturgical basics required).


    Article 8: Financials

    LSCC, as a secular entity, is incorporated and posted as a non-profit inFlorida, so it is eligible to receive charitable contributions. We periodicallyreview all church paperwork/accounts by both the secretary/treasurer and comptroller. Its purpose of dual monitoring is to assure/confirm its ongoing
    status as a nonprofit, properly using its funds. An independent auditor is also
    planned to review financials periodically.

    Our clergy are not paid a salary. If we are given a stipend for performing a wedding orfuneral (for example), it is encouraged (not required) that clergy tithe that amount to help defray costs of our governmental applications and their requiredyearly updates. LSCC is also a 501c3 approved entity. Based on the requirements of that status, if the dissolution of LSCC someday occurs, any remaining assetsheld by LSCC will be used exclusively for 501c3-exempt circumstances.


    Article 9: Clerical status

    Clerical state refers to ordained bishops, priests, and deacons and their status as a
    member of the clergy. Evidence of such ordination, and resulting letter of faculties from the Presiding Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop, are required to be
    admitted into clerical status before LSCC.

    The term may also apply to ordained, licensed, and commissioned ministers, pastors,
    and other employees or volunteers of LSCC if approved by the Presiding Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, and a majority of the Board.

    Clerical status or state is not synonymous with incardination into LSCC.

    The respective duties and rights of LSCC clerics are at the discretion the
    Presiding Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, and a majority of the Board.

    Article 10: Non-discrimination policy

    LSCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, maritalor financial status, sexual orientation, or disability. We welcome all to the
    table of Christ for sacramental sharing as we are one body, operating in His

    Article 11: Intellectual Property

    LSCC has registered its service mark with the State of Florida. It is inthe process of registering its unique coat of arms as well.

    It reserves all of its copyrights, service / trademarks, and otherintellectual property as permitted by law. All potential users of same must secure written permission from LSCC before so using same.


    Article 12: Affiliations


    We are associated or affiliated with the American Apostolic Old CatholicChurch (Church in Exile) as per our Intercommunion Association Agreement (02/23/24) pursuant to its terms until the board decides otherwise.


    LSCC is also a movement church member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, which shall remain the case until the board decides otherwise.


    Adopted and approved March 6, 2021 and revised 3/5/2023, 03/03/24.


    (Image - Icon of Christ Pantocrator from Macedonia, 14th c, unknown, @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jesusicon.jpg)