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    Living Spirit Catholic Community (LSCC)


    An online and in-person vibrant community that joyfully celebrates God's love.


    501c-3 / FL-registered charity and nonprofit / FL Commission on Independent Education Exempted


    We are an Independent catholic community that welcomes all peoples and their faith traditions.


    • Worship site – Walton Community Center, 11090 Ridge Ave, Ft Pierce, FL 34982


    • Virtual presence via FB, ZOOM, Twitter and email. Worship in private homes, medical facilities, wedding venues, funeral chapels and committal sites, and at our chapels in PSL and Madison, FL.


    • We are fully sacramental, and are in apostolic succession, but are independent of Roman, Orthodox, and Old Catholic denominations. Our focus is on ecumenism.


    . We welcome your prayer requests and will be happy to add them to a mass.


    About us....


    Our clergy are bound by bylaws that require background checks to affiliate.


    Our priests, bishops and seminarians are NOT salaried. Our clergy can be married or partnered; women may become priests; and age is not a factor in an ordination if the other criteria areas are met.


    Parents are not required to be married at the time of a child's baptism.


    Weddings with our clergy can be performed at a non-church site. Our church encourages our community to choose their own personal sacrifices before receiving Eucharist and during Lent, such as fasting. One's heart preparedness is the main key.


    We provide catechism, educational, and formation programs on an individual basis. Contact one of our clergy if this is desired.


    We are a non-judgmental community desiring to bring God's love to those who have felt abandoned or isolated by their previous church/religious setting. God is divine. Clergy are not. All of us deserve to feel God's love as His love is unconditional and is universal.


    Mission Statement: We focus on helping members of our community to recognize the Godly and inherent worth of themselves and how that divinity is working in them to confront and overpower the evil that pervades secular society.


    Website: Livingspiritcc.com


    Clergy Contact info:


    Pastor/Auxiliary Bishop ...





    Presiding Bishop ...



    839 NW Sorrento Lane, PSL 34986



    Incardinated Clergy

    nleonard299@gmail.com (Priest) * drshark772@hotmail.com (Sub-Deacon)


    Affiliated Clergy

    revtammywood@gmail.com (Priest)


    Donations also gratefully accepted via Facebook, Go Fund Me and/or Paypal. Just search for Living Spirit Catholic Community. (Cash or check payable to LSCC always appreciated as well.)

  • Media

    Kelly Jennings Wurth, Made Catholic Unbox Your Faith (Catholic Church in Exile, formerly AAOCC) interviews Bishops Mary and Fidel, in May 2024, as part of her podcast.


    Broadcast via YouTube, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Podbean, and Spotify


    (TM used with permission)

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  • Breaking News...

    Dan Sharkey Ordained Subdeacon


    I am widowed to a man who was a Subdeacon. Wanting to follow in his footsteps, and seeing and wanting to share in his vocation, I am ready now to follow this path as my desire. I have been a Door Keeper, a Sacristan, a Lector, a Eucharistic
    Minister and an Acolyte.
    There may be times that I am physically limited due tomy current cancer treatments, but my heart is in full desire to serve. I am a transplant from LI, New York, and have been in FL 20 years.

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    A New Mission Parish!

    Suwannee Missions of the Big Bend, Inc, Lee, FL - Come Worship!


    LSCC's Summer Convocation is on! It will be on August 16th - August 18th, 2024, at the Unity House, Madison, FL.


    Activities, agenda, and other details forthcoming...

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    LSCC has joined the Independent Inclusive Consorntium (Austin, TX) of ISM educational institutions. God is great!


    Image - Last Supper, 1220-40 @ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Last_Supper_miniature_from_a_Psalter_c1220-40.png



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