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    Independent Catholicism

    Historical Treatment 


    LSCC Educational Program Catalog, Course # 101

    • Dr. Fidel Iglesias, Auxiliary Bishop / Pastor, LSCC
    • frfidelsuwanneemissions@mail.com / (772) 341-0348
    • This is a readings course that focuses on the beginnings of independent Catholicism from its roots, primarily in the Union of Utrecht, through its Old Catholic, independent sacramental movement, and more current variants in the United States (with a nod to those abroad).
    • The main readings, with others assigned along the way, are –
    • Julie Byrne, The Other Catholics: Remaking America’s Largest Religion (Columbia University Press, 2018)
    • John P. Plummer, The Many Paths of the IndependentSacramental Movement (Apocryphile Press, 2006)
    • C. B. Moss, The Old Catholic Movement: Its Origins andHistory (Apocryphile Press, 2005)
    • A reading will be assigned, depending on the student’s particular interests, for additional study.
    • While this is, mostly, a historical treatment of the subject, the main sacramental, scriptural, and theological tenets of these movements will be briefly addressed as well.
    • The default format will be the student, with the instructor’s agreement, will read portions of the assignments; write a series of reflections on them; and teacher / student discussions follow.
    • The discussions, and instruction, may include virtual meetings; telephone conferences; and mailed correspondence. These may include ZOOM and FB meetings.
    • In person attendance is not required. Permitted, only, by prior arrangement with instructor.


    Living Spirit Catholic Community Syllabus

    LSCC 102



    Bishop Mary Unger, Presiding Bishop






    Online location only


    Kindly allow24-48hrs for response although most often, sooner



    Home masses are intimate, personal, and often themed. This course will provide structural as well as creative guidance ideas to make a memorable experience for your listeners.

    Required texts:

    Roman missal

    Christian Bible (Inclusive Bible preferred) Concordance (if you can find inexpensively) Internet connection required

    Course materials:

    Examples will be provided, in pdf form.


    RESOURCES used -


    Prayers for healing, Flames to Heaven, Book of blessings, Jewish Bible



    CCD-Adult Religious Education


    LSCC Course 103


    Instructor – Rotating Assignment (TBA)

    Contact –

    Fr. Fidel Iglesias


    Living SpiritCatholic Community


    Fr. Paul MemorialChapel

    2932 SE BalboaDrive

    Madison, FL 32340


    Required Texts –

    Catechism of theIndependent Catholic Christian Church (Philadelphia: Rene Vilatte Press, 2016). Public Domain.

    The InclusiveBible: The First Egalitarian Translation (Priests for Equality, Rowman and Littlefield Publisher, Inc, 2023)

    Course Outline –

    Introduction tothe Independent Sacramental Movement

    Its Catechism

    Inclusive Bible

    Further Study

    Students will, read, discuss, and implement (in their daily living) the readings’ lessons with
    the guidance of the instructor. Brief reflections will be written on selected
    topics assigned by the teacher. Delivery will be via email, regular mail,
    periodic class ZOOM meetings. Students will be expected to attend at least two
    virtual (FB event) LSCC Masses during the term.

    A donation of $150 is part ofthe registration process. This is due (to LSCC not the instructor) once the student’s course registration is accepted, and processed, by LSCC, prior to enrollment. There is a required registration form for students. Form instructions
    accompany the registration application.


    The successful completion of a course counts toward completion of our certificate program’s completion.

    The above is subject to revision by the teaching faculty of LSCC. It may, also, be adapted by the
    particular instructor overseeing the course.


    LSCC's education program is a member of the Independent Inclusive Consortium (Austin, Texas) of ISM educational institutions. The above, and forthcoming, LSCC courses may be available via same in 2025. And the courses offered by other educational programs, elsewhere, may also be available to students as long as they meet the course requirements of those institutions. A forthcoming agreement is proposed to that end.